Future proofs your claims repair process, in the most sustainable way.

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Software platform to manage the repair-in-kind services for non-life insurance companies

More than 10.000 claims ago, Fixxer has developed a software platform that pairs non-life insurance repair-in kind-claims with appropriate sustainable solutions.


Make repair in kind the standard solution for non-life insurance claims.

Are you working with settlement or repair in kind?

Faster solution than cash-settlement for property insurance claims.

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Save money

Depending on guarantee, a reduction of more than 10% is realistically possible.

Increase customer satisfaction

Get your NPS above 60

Proven track record

Build on the experience of Belfius & ASR

Lower throughput time

Fix your customer repairs 20% quicker


In 2018, Belfius together with Boston Consulting Group, launched the joint venture Jaimy with the aim of creating a platform that makes homes and businesses future-ready, in the most sustainable way possible.

In 2023, this technology was spun off into a new company Fixxer, with Belfius and ASR as shareholders.


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