Save Money

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Repair in kind lowers claim costs. A reliable network and clear quote rules protect insurance companies from expensive repairs and inflated quotes. Fixxer platform reduces claim expenses and allows you to choose the most sustainable repair method.

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Increase customer satisfaction

Repair in kind boosts NPS. Swift, professional, hassle-free home repairs with Fixxer, increases customer satisfaction.

Lower throughput time

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Fixxer platform enables efficient claims handling with speed, instant gratification, and clear communication. It integrates seamlessly with IT systems, ensuring constant improvement and high performance.

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Proven track record

Top European financial institutions, Belfius Insurance, DVV, ASR, Corona Direct, rely on Fixxer to enhance KPIs. Continuous improvement based on their experience ensures an easy and satisfying experience for insurance companies and customers. Fixxer is a trusted platform with a proven track record of more than 10.000 claims.

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